I’ve read 100+ books on business, finances/investments, giving and philanthropy, stewardship, Christian finances, and more. Yet I can clearly say this book is one of the most clear, interesting, challenging and impactful I have ever read.
— Dr. Paul White, Psychologist, Speaker, Author and Consultant

I’ve spent most of my professional career interacting with CPAs who understand earthly accounting principles. Few of them can explain heavenly accounting concepts with such wit and wisdom. Read this book and you won’t just learn why Jesus talked about money so much. You will be equipped for trustworthy service that is neither corrupt nor negligent.
— Dan Busby, President, Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA)

Some of us go to God with our agenda and ask Him to “sign here.” In this book, John takes an honest and insightful look at how we should view money and the impact it can have in our daily walk. Reading this book will challenge you to follow Christ with everything, including your bank account, and John does it in an unassuming way that everyone can relate to. Be prepared to give up your agenda!
— Vonna Laue, Managing Partner, CapinCrouse, LLP

Combining the professional expertise of an accounting professor with the astute judgment of a careful Bible student, John Thornton gives us a perceptive and practical analysis of the countercultural and counterintuitive teaching of our Lord about how we should view and use money. In addition to being helped by recognizing how Jesus’ counsel flows from His mission to glorify His Father, readers will also appreciate the candor with which the author shares his own journey in assimilating this divine wisdom (illustrating that while the path of obedience is not easy, it is always worth it!).
— Randal Roberts, President and Professor of Spiritual Formation, Western Seminary (Portland, OR)

An insightful and thought-provoking book about Jesus’ teaching on the topic of money. With his background as both an accountant and a college professor, John Thornton provides a special perspective in addressing this important topic.
— Jim Canning, Former VP/CFO, World Vision Int.