Week 1: For the 14 best budgeting apps of 2017, click here

In our first meeting, we looked at Daniel and discussed how he differentiated himself from those around him. This short video explains how Daniel saved the world twice by being trustworthy and neither corrupt nor negligent.



Week 2: This week our job is to get to the truth of our budget. Click here to download an excel spreadsheet that will help you create an accurate budget of your monthly spending.  If you would like to try a more comprehensive (but still easy to use) spreadsheet provided by our friends down under, please click here.


Week 3: This week we take a look at all the things money can buy and which of those things we don't think God will give us. After completing the exercise for day 20, here is a short video looking at what some Kiwis from New Zealand would do if money was no object.


Week 4: Do you need a little help putting together your balance sheet to determine your net worth? Click here to download an Excel spreadsheet that will help you create your balance sheet.

We looked at three principles from Proverbs that help us live a godly life; diligence over laziness, righteousness over wickedness, and generosity over stinginess. This video gives some insight on what people think about wickedness in the form of cheating.


Week 5:

Week 6: Who wants to be a millionaire? Click here for the million dollar savings calculator.